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The Click Pass – Open Bobo Project

The Click Pass is a must learn sleight for any coin magician. Application There are many variations of the click pass and Bobo’s teaches you a few different techniques. One of my favorite click pass sleights is found on Curtis Kam’s Palms of Steel 5 DVD as well as Ponta the Smith’s Sick DVD.  The […]

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Bobo Coin Magic – The Classic Palm Switch

Below is an example of the Classic Palm Switch found in Chapter 2 of Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic. You’ll notice it is not entirely easy to do without risking the coins “talking”. Additional information can be found at Coin Manipulation Ofcourse all these sleights come from the recognized treatise of Coin Magic…Bobo’s Coin Magic. The […]

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Three Fly I Try Coin Magic Video

Before magic trick downloads, DVD video tutorials and YouTube, you learned magic tricks through books and if you were lucky – a few magic mentors. I saw Chris Kenner’s awesome coin work on the Theory11.com site and saw a few of his signature effects available for download – Hellbound Spellbound and Three Fry. Fortunately, I […]

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