Simple Poker Chip Tricks

Poker Night

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If you are a magic coin enthusiast, you’ll find the same coin sleight of hand techniques can be applied to poker chips.  Chip tricks are manipulations of poker chips. Unlike in magic chip tricks are not demonstrated to fool a spectator but rather to display skill.

When you are playing poker, it is important to keep up an image of confidence at the table. Showing that you are in control of the chips is one way to do this, which is where the usefulness of poker chip tricks come in. These are manipulation moves which have a background in coin magic, so if you already have a skill-set in this area then you shouldn’t find these too difficult to learn. Mastering some of these tricks will enable you to impress your opponents and can even be used as a way of putting others off their game as you show off your skills.

Front to Back Chip Trick

One popular poker chip trick is the ‘front to back’. This can be done with two chips, however it looks better with more and three to four is a good amount. The trick is done while holding the chips in a sideways stack, in one hand. The aim is to move the front chip to the back and repeat this motion rapidly. This is one of the easier tricks to do, however it will still impress your partypoker friends when you get together in person to play a game. Start by holding the chips securely. Then, assuming they are in your right hand, use your thumb to push the left-hand chip up and over the rest, pushing it down the other side. Keep them secure with your pinky and practice until you get it right.

The Knuckle Roll Chip Trick

The ‘knuckle roll’ is another easy trick to learn, especially if you are used to handling coins during magic tricks. This involves moving a chip over your knuckles, using the fingers of the same hand. To begin the trick, hold a chip with your thumb and index finger. Slowly slide it up your thumb, before moving your index finger down and your middle finger up. This creates support for the chip, which you should now push into the space on your index finger. Lower your middle finger, pushing the chip upright and continue this process until it has traveled across all of your knuckles. Reverse this process so the chip travels backwards and as always, remember that practice makes perfect.