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New York Coin Magic Seminar

Coin Magic Spotlight: New York Coin Magic Seminar

The first time I ever experienced that magic “moment” was when I met Dr. Andy at the hospital where my mom worked and he pulled a coin out of my ear, threw it away and made it reappear.  I think I was maybe 6 or 7 years old and that was one of the moments […]

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Dynamo Magician Impossible

Dynamo – Magician Impossible

Has anyone seen Dynamo – Magician Impossible yet? Dynamo – Magician Impossible is a British television series that follows Steven Frane as he travels around the world entertaining everyone around him. The series started on July 7th and features a variety of engaging street magic and it isn’t limited to your standard parlor trick plots. […]

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Not a Coin Magic Trick but…David Regal

Ok….so it’s not a coin magic trick but this is an entertaining cups and balls trick with David Regal.  It took until the ending why I wondered why he bothered with the first part. Here is the post from iTricks David Regal Cups and Balls  

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Notes From the Net: Don Alan

Don Alan To this day I still have no idea what it specifically means for magic to be “commercial”, but I get the sense that whatever that is, Don Alan had his finger on the pulse of it. (via Instapaper)     Here is an interesting article (and an entire profile series of magicians) […]

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3 pieces of sliver coin magic trick

Rune Klan Coin Magic on Magic Boy TV

As YouTube grows more and more magicians are publishing original content via their own YouTube channel. While surfing YouTube for several coin magic tricks, I came across Ben Hanlin’s video featuring Rune Klan and some of Rune’s coin magic.  The episode has several other clips of Rune’s work and its quite entertaining. If you like […]

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John Luka

John Luka’s November Close Up Convention

If you are in the Metro Detroit area in November, John Luka’s 14 Annual Close Up Convention is a must for all close-up workers. The weekend is packed with lectures, close-up magic shows, workshops, vendors and of course nearly 24 hours of round the clock close-up sessioning

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