Dynamo – Magician Impossible

Has anyone seen Dynamo – Magician Impossible yet?

Dynamo – Magician Impossible is a British television series that follows Steven Frane as he travels around the world entertaining everyone around him.
The series started on July 7th and features a variety of engaging street magic and it isn’t limited to your standard parlor trick plots. In a recent episode, he walked across the river Thames!

Dynamo walks across River Thames

Dynamo does Coin Magic Tricks

Ofcourse what good would a street magician be without a few good coin magic tricks?  Below is a YouTube clip of the full coin magic trick – Coin Thru Table performance.

Learn more about Dynamo – Magician Impossible

Its refreshing to see more performers appearing in the media and finding new ways to entertain and amaze audiences.  I’m sure a lot of magicians will see a  few select effects that they recognize and will enjoy seeing them performed!

You can learn more about Dynamo – Magician Impossible at:


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3 Responses to “Dynamo – Magician Impossible”

  1. that coin trick is easy