Three Fly I Try Coin Magic Video

Coin Magic Tricks Totally Out of Control

Totally Out of Control - Chris Kenner

Before magic trick downloads, DVD video tutorials and YouTube, you learned magic tricks through books and if you were lucky – a few magic mentors.

I saw Chris Kenner’s awesome coin work on the site and saw a few of his signature effects available for download – Hellbound Spellbound and Three Fry.
Fortunately, I had a copy of Totally Out of Control and worked through these little gems.

Below is just a practice session of Long Gone Silver with a little bit of Three Fry mixed in.  The original Kenner effect in Three Fry is similar to the coin production sequence but it included a coin change kicker ending.  This montage is a mix of Long Gone Silver (but without the wand).  If you’re a coin fan, you gotta have a copy of Kenner’s Totally Out of Control…great coin magic tricks between those pages!

Three Fly I Try

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