Recommended Coin Magic YouTube Channels

In the magic community, magic on YouTube often gets a lot of flack due to the amount of exposure videos and even worse poorly performed magic trick videos.  Fortunately, you can find a lot of solid coin magic trick performances on YouTube.

Below are two of my recommended coin magic trick channels.

Eric Jones

OxyClean Coin Routine

Tim Feher

One of the main benefits of the performance only videos is you get to see how the presentation is delivered.  I’ve got a large library of books and despite the diagrams and well-thought out illustrations, the videos help significantly with understanding the timing.  In both of these channels, Eric and Tim have several products available to teach you about the art of Coin Magic…so be sure to pick up a few of their instructional videos as well.

Subscribe to their channels and enjoy, watch and learn.

I’ll post a few more recommended channels in the next few days.

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