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crimp change crimp palm

Crimp Changes with the Crimp Palm

The Crimp Palm is a truly versatile palm that is a good replacement for the classic palm for the coin magicians who want to avoid the cramped classic palm.  Vinny Marini introduced me to the Crimp Palm and Marion Boykin provided additional insight on the application on the Crimp Palm for a series of crimp […]

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Slydini Coin Magic

Coins Through Table

If you’re lucky, there is a local magic group, assembly or ring in your metro area.  My weekly magic hangout is at Camp Ticonderoga in Rochester, Michigan where the local magi all come out to eat, chat and share the latest trick or two. Tonight’s session was with Ming Louie – Ming the Maginficent and […]

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Dynamo Magician Impossible

Dynamo – Magician Impossible

Has anyone seen Dynamo – Magician Impossible yet? Dynamo – Magician Impossible is a British television series that follows Steven Frane as he travels around the world entertaining everyone around him. The series started on July 7th and features a variety of engaging street magic and it isn’t limited to your standard parlor trick plots. […]

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coin magic trick presto chango revisited

Presto Chango Revisited

I am always amazed at how much information is available in books compared to DVDs and the growing trend of one-trick pony magic DVDs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of DVDs when it comes to coin magic.  However, there is just something innately magical about pulling a book of the shelf and […]

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How REAL magicians practice sleight of hand

In the current market of One-Trick DVDs, it is easy to forget that a lot of great coin magic is still found in books.  Coin magicians often refer to Bobo’s, Kaufman’s Coin Magic, and Roth’s Expert Coin Magic books as great sources for coin magic.  Another useful source is Milt Kort’s The Magic of Milt […]

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coin magic trick book

Three Fly I Try Coin Magic Video

Before magic trick downloads, DVD video tutorials and YouTube, you learned magic tricks through books and if you were lucky – a few magic mentors. I saw Chris Kenner’s awesome coin work on the site and saw a few of his signature effects available for download – Hellbound Spellbound and Three Fry. Fortunately, I […]

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Bobo Coin Magic – Finger & Classic Palm

In this coin magic trick demonstration, Dave demonstrates the Finger Palm Vanish Wayne Phelps provides a demonstration of the Classic Palm Ofcourse all these sleights come from the recognized treatise of Coin Magic…Bobo’s Coin Magic. The book is thankfully readily available as it has gone through multiple printings. You can also order full tutorials with […]

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