Rice Krispies Vanish

In Magic  circles, fellow magicians often scoff at the “demonstration” videos and “secrets revealed” found on YouTube.  Fortunately, if you look hard enough, you can find some real gems that can actually improve your sleight of hand and knowledge in coin manipulation.  One of these gems is Vinny Marini’s Rice Krispies Vanish.  Vinny is a California based magician and is active on the coin magic threads at The Magic Cafe’.

Vinny not only is a wealth of knowledge but he graciously shares a few of his effect’s on the Cafe’.  The Rice Krispies Vanish was the first sleight I started working on from Vinny’s material.  His Rice Krispies Vanish is a useful retention vanish that is easy to do once you get the hang of the “Snap, Krackle and Pop”

Vinny Marini’s Rice Krispies Vanish

Update on the 1-2 count

Coin Magic Applications

Click Pass

The Rice Krispies Vanish is a fun retention vanish that transitions well into other sleights.  Try the Rice Krispies Vanish using the middle and ring finger and you’re well set for a clipped click pass.  You could do the click pass between the index and middle finger, but I like the distance the ring finger provides.

Transition to JW Grip

The Rice Krispies Vanish also transitions well into the JW Grip to further emphasize the coin vanish.  A small push of the thumb rotates the coin from the clipped position into JW Grip.

I’ve worked with other “clip style” vanishes and never liked the chance of missing the coin as it flipped over the phalanges of the curled fingers.  With the Rice Krispies Vanish, the coin is snapped solidly in position.

Go ahead and watch the video, comment on the channel and check out the threads over in the Magic Cafe’ forum.  This is just one of the buried gems you’ll find waiting for you in the  millions of hours of YouTube videos and 12 year olds performing a horrible classic palm.

About Vinny Marini

If you search through the threads over at the Cafe’, you’ll find a lot of good advice and useful applications of Vinny’s techniques.  He has also posted a few videos on the application of his Crimp Palm which is equally interesting and useful in sleight of hand coin work.  Vinny also offers a variety of magical effects for purchase at http://www.vinnymarini.com where you can learn a growing variety of coin magic from The Magic Cafe’ contributors including Vinny, Marion Boykin, Rannie Raymundo and Radek Makar.

You can also check out Vinny’s YouTube Channel at:



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  1. Has always been my hero in my magic he had a lot to learn