Learn Eric Jones Coin Magic Trick – Peregrination

Eric Jones Coin Magic – Peregrination

I like coin magic.  Better yet, I like free coin magic.  Even better, I like free coin magic that is actually good coin magic.  On the Internet (and especially YouTube), free coin magic and entertaining coin magic don’t always coincide.  Fortunately, I found a great tutorial on Eric Jones’s Peregrination coin magic trick presented by none other than Eric Jones.

Over at magicplace.com, Luke Dancy hosts a show called Secrets Revealed – Inside Magic’s Latest DVD releases where they present a clip from a recent magic DVD and then explain the modus operandi.  Now before the arm chair magicians and magic club purists get their coins rattled about magic exposure on the Internet, keep in mind this is a specific show targeted to a target market.  If you’re reading this blog, you’re the target market.

In the link below, Luke interviews Eric Jones and Eric presents and explains his Coins Across routine – Peregrination from his 3 DVD set – An Extension of Me.

Eric Jones Coin Magic – Peregrination Performance and Explanation

Eric Jones Pergrination Coins Across


Eric Jones Peregrination Thoughts

Coins Across routines are plentiful in coin magic.  The plots are rather straight forward and its fun to play with the different coin magic variations.  The Eric Jones’s Peregrination he teaches a good application of the classic palm and also breaks down each vanish and production.  Just watch how he handles the first vanishing sequence and how it seemingly reproduces in the “empty” and open palm up hand.

The first two phases rely on a good classic palm but a finger palm can also be applied a la the Benzais’s Friction Palm / Al Baker Friction Pass.  I also like the Han Ping Chien application.  At this point, its better to rely on the classic palm.  The third phase reminds me of the 4th phase in Harry Lorayne’s Four Coins Across from The Magic Book as HPC is used to get ahead.  In Eric Jones Peregrination, you end up 2 coins ahead.

I liked the handling and its fun to watch – No waiting for the spectator to deal piles here!

If you’re looking for a real good way to handle Han Ping Chien, I also recommend you take a look at Ron Bauer’s Butch, Ringo and the Sheep.  That private study presentation teaches an excellent approach the HPC that actually makes sense and eliminates any “move” that you typically see with the Han Ping Chien move.

More Eric Jones Magic

The Peregrination effect is from Eric Jones’s An Extension of Me DVD set which features 3 DVDs full of Eric’s approach to coin and card magic.  I bought the DVD set earlier this year and I’ve enjoyed the material.  If you follow Eric’s material on YouTube or his other publications, I’m sure you enjoy his coin magic as much as I do.

If you like Eric Jone’s material, then I also recommend:

You can also check out my review on Metal at http://www.coinmagictricksblog.com/product-reviews/coin-magic-trick-review-metal-by-eric-jones/




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One Response to “Learn Eric Jones Coin Magic Trick – Peregrination”

  1. wow I’ve finally seen this tutorial and it’s great.
    but the website (magicplace ) does not keep the video on youtube for a long time. ( its not visible anymore )
    so you got to be really fast if they put it open to view.

    as for the trick itself, it’s great and will leave people totally confused.
    specially when you transfer the last coin into their closed fist.

    for me this trick gets 8 /10 because of it’s simplicity but still hard impact.