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Learn Coin Magic Trick – Heads or Tails

Marion Boykin and I have been exchanging ideas on coin magic for the past few months and he graciously agreed to let me publish his application of the 10 Switch to his coin magic trick called Heads or Tails.  The Heads or Tails effect is a nifty copper silver transposition that will give your Goshman […]

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Learn Paul Harris’s Muscle Bend Coin Magic Trick

 The Bent Coin or Bent Penny Trick The bent coin or bent penny is a staple right from Bobo’s Coin Magic.  I’ve always liked the trick for its simplicity.  I remember when I was 14 and learned it in Bobo’s Coin Magic , I struggled a bit with the Bobo switch as I was reading […]

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Eric Jones Pergrination Coins Across

Learn Eric Jones Coin Magic Trick – Peregrination

Eric Jones Coin Magic – Peregrination I like coin magic.  Better yet, I like free coin magic.  Even better, I like free coin magic that is actually good coin magic.  On the Internet (and especially YouTube), free coin magic and entertaining coin magic don’t always coincide.  Fortunately, I found a great tutorial on Eric Jones’s […]

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Coin Magic Tricks with The Magic Session and Mydini

Web 2.0 has definitely changed the way you can learn about the art of Magic. The secrets of magic were previously only accessible through a small network of workers, niche periodicals and lecture notes. With the technology improvements and the popularity of blogs and streaming media, you can learn about magic 24×7. The Essential Magic […]

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