Coin Magic Tricks with The Magic Session and Mydini

Web 2.0 has definitely changed the way you can learn about the art of Magic. The secrets of magic were previously only accessible through a small network of workers, niche periodicals and lecture notes. With the technology improvements and the popularity of blogs and streaming media, you can learn about magic 24×7.

The Essential Magic Conference was an excellent example on how technology can be leveraged to teach worldwide audiences about the art of Magic. YouTube, despite the enormous amount of exposure (and poorly executed performances) has still been a boon to magicians as footage rarely seen is now available with a few mouse clicks.  Below are two sites that I found that creatively use Web 2.0 and new media to teach and enrich the art of Magic.

The Magic Session

Magic Session Coin Magic Trick

The Magic Session Undeground Notes

The Magic Session offers streaming and on-demand lectures in addition to a live chat session to collaborate and correspond with other magicians. Currently The Magic Session offers on-demand lectures for free and they’ve been publishing some great content.

Attached to this blog post is one of the The Magic Session Underground Notes Issue 1. In this issue, you’ll find an innovative trick called “Initial” by Marcus Eddie.  It reminds me of a Copper Silver Transposition seen in “In the Beginning There Were Coins” by Jay Noblezada.

By the way, the folks at the Magic Session encourage passing their Underground Notes to any magi interested so if you have a blog, email distribution list or just a friend that wants to learn a few cool tricks, pass on this viral PDF.



Mydini is the brainchild of John Kohl’s and offers an integrated YouTube like magic experience where magic effects are presented and taught.  Now before the anti-exposure nuts spam my little blog post, just realize that the effects taught on Mydini for free are basic introductory effects.  It is a collaborative channel that allows magicians to publish their own signature effects and sell them for downloads.

If you have a unique twist on a favorite magic effect, shoot some video of it and post it to MyDini.

It is refreshing seeing new media being use to teach a variety of magic (including coin magic tricks … not just cards).  The more we collaborate and share quality information about our craft, the Art of Magic improves as well as the performer.



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