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Bobo Coin Vanish

The Bobo Coin Vanish

Dennis provides a demonstration of the Bobo Coin Vanish

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Tunnel Vanish

The Tunnel Vanish is a deceptive vanish as the coin is seen entering the fist only to disappear seconds later

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Bobo Coin Magic Simple Coin Vansih

Simple Coin Vanish

The Simple Coin Vanish is the standard classic palm vanish that has been used for years.  The key learning point is to avoid smacking your hand into your palm, but simply toss the coin into the awaiting hand while retaining it in classic palm.  In practicing the Simple Coin Vanish, practice actually placing the coin […]

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Coin Production Two Cards Bobo Coin Magic

Coin Production from Two Cards

The Effect: The magician shows 2 playing cards on the font and back.  After placing the cards together, the magician tips them downwards and a coin appears between them. Performer: Dennis

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Gone – Bobo Coin Magic

Gone is a nifty bit of sleight of hand coin magic from Chapter 3 in Bobo’s Coin Magic The video doesn’t include the feint sequence from the original Gone, but you really don’t need it.  Check it out below  

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bobo coin magic bottom steal

The Bottom Steal – Bobo’s Coin Magic

Here is another demonstration from the Bobo’s Coin Magic demonstrating the Bottom steal. (Yeah…I know, it is short and sweet but I’ve got a ton of videos to load)  

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coin magic trick

The Click Pass – Open Bobo Project

The Click Pass is a must learn sleight for any coin magician. Application There are many variations of the click pass and Bobo’s teaches you a few different techniques. One of my favorite click pass sleights is found on Curtis Kam’s Palms of Steel 5 DVD as well as Ponta the Smith’s Sick DVD.  The […]

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Coin Magic Trick

Classic Palm Switch – Open Bobo Project

The Classic Palm Switch is another utility move from Bobo’s Coin Magic. Personally, I think it is a clunky switch in one hand.  My preference is to use the Bobo Switch or the Jones Switch (as taught on Eric’s Jone’s Metal DVD) Contribute and learn more about the Open Bobo Project If you don’t own […]

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