My Favorite Coin Magic Books

Although one-trick magic DVDs and YouTube videos are all the rage, I still enjoy building a library of magic books for both coin magic tricks and card magic.  The secrets of magic have been passed down verbally, scrawled in notebooks, copied and bound in lecture notes and published again and again in books.  Video is an excellent way to demonstrate and explain magic to the masses, but it doesn’t compare with the portability and flexibility of sitting down with a book and reading about the theory in addition to moves.  Below are a list of my favorite books for the aspiring and skilled coin worker.

Beginner Coin Magic

Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic

Recommended Coin Magic Book : Bobo's Coin Magic

Bobo's Coin Magic

Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic was the first coin magic book I bought from the Romig Magic shop in Ferndale, Michigan. Although Romig’s changed hands over the years and evolved into the Wunderground Magic Shop, I still have my copy from the store. It would take another 15 years later before I met one of Bobo’s prolific contributors – Milt Kort – at the Monday Night Mystics roundtable.

Bobo’s has 17 chapters filled with worthwhile coin magic and has a ton of great coin work. Experienced coin workers all agree its one of the foundational books on coin magic.

Ben Salinas also produced an entire Modern Coin Magic DVD set on Bobo’s Coin Magic.  Below are just few of the effects taught in Bobo’s Coin Magic.

If you prefer the video, you can order the Modern Coin Magic DVD set.  I’m a fan of both the book and Ben’s DVDs.

The Klutz Book of Magic by Klutz

Recommended Coin Magic Book : Klutz Book of Magic

Klutz Book of Magic

The Klutz books include a line of entertaining and basic magic effects. The Klutz Book of Magic is one of my favorite beginner books due to the sneaky stuff they include with the book and it has several solid coin magic tricks. Their Heads of Tails trick is a fun one-coin trick that is impromptu and includes a vanish that makes sense. Plus it is well illustrated and easy to follow.

The Klutz Coin Magic by Klutz

Recommended Coin Magic Book : Coin Magic by Klutz

Coin Magic

…and ofcourse there are the 24 recommended coin magic tricks by Klutz.  The Klutz Coin Magic book is a simple and easy to follow set of coin magic tricks that have a unique twist on several classic coin magic tricks. There is a dissolving quarter using boxer shorts that is quite funny!  The folks at Klutz make a lot of good introductory books on magic.  Their magnetic magic book and juggling book are equally good value!

Now You See It, Now You Don’t by Bill Tarr

Recommended Coin Magic Book : Now You See It Now You Don't

Now You See It Now You Don't

The fundamentals of coin magic are in sleight of hand.  Once of the best texts on sleight of hand magic is Bill Tarr’s Now You See It, Now You Don’t series.  I own both of these books in addition to the Bill Tarr Notebook.  Each book is full of step by step illustrations and easy to follow instructions.  It is a great value for just under $15 bucks on Amazon.  You won’t find a cheaper sleight of hand text on the market for the value.  The second volume,The Second Now You See It, Now You Don't II, is equally good with additional lessons including sleight of hand.

Harry Lorayne’s The Magic Book

Recommended Coin Magic Book : Harry Lorayne's Magic Book

The Magic Book

Harry Lorayne’s The Magic Book is another great find for introductory magic in addition to coin magic. In this text, I learned a classic 1 to 10 coin trick as well as my first introduction to Han Ping Chien in his Coins Across routine. After 25+ years of pursuing magic, it amazes me how the material I first read as a kid still sticks.

Advanced Coin Magic Books

Expert Coin Magic by David Roth

Recommended Coin Magic Book : Expert Coin Magic

Expert Coin Magic by David Roth

Obviously you can’t pursue coin magic too much before seeing David Roth’s name. Expert Coin Magic is an excellent tome of magic focused entirely on coin magic tricks. Hanging Coins remains on of my favorite pieces from the text. It is considered to be the next “must have” coin magic book following Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic.

Coin Magic by Richard Kaufman

Recommended Coin Magic Book : Coin Magic by Richard Kaufman

Coin Magic by Richard Kaufman

Another recommended text about the world of coin magic.

Totally Out of Control by Chris Kenner

Recommended Coin Magic Book : Totally Out of Control by Chris Kenner

Totally Out of Control - Chris Kenner

I recently pulled this book of my shelf and realized how impressive Out of Control is in the world of Coin Magic.  I remember when I first bought the book,  the material was beyond my skill set at the time and the book found its home in the library.  I’d pull it off the shelf every now and then and read through it and then started working with the material again.

Menagie et Trois (Three Fly), Three Fry, Long Gone Silver and Hellbound Spellbound are awesome coin magic tricks to learn…and they are technically challenging.  The book is a lot of fun to work with and chock full of great material.

Here is a recent coin magic video post featuring segments of Long Gone silver sans wand.

You can also pick up a copy of Totally Out of Control for about $45.00

Kort by Stephen Minch

Recommended Coin Magic Book : The Magic of Milt Kort

The Magic of Milt Kort

The Kort book is by far one of my favorite magic books in addition to the variety of coin magic  found in the text.  Kort provides a revised handling of his classic Copper and Silver Transposition, includes Ron Bauer’s Okorto Coin Box presentation and features a lot of unique coin magic.  Hidden in these pages is one particular gem of a trick using the thumb palm and a single coin with the L’homme Masque load.  It is a nice quick trick that fits well with a series of coin effects.

I’m particularly fond of the book because I got to know Milt and Sandra through the Monday Night Mystics Roundtable in Lake Orion, MI.  Milt would show up and always provide bits of advice.  Kort’s Kave was his personal library and he’d spend hours researching an effect and gladly share the information.  To hear him narrate his Umgawa – his Vanishing Elephant trick (which is also in the book) was always a classic.

Milt was a coin work is found throughout Bobo’s Coin Magic and The Magic of Milt Kort is a must-have book for any close-up performer.