Finding Morgan Silver Dollar Coins

Here is the thing with coin magic tricks – they are visual effects and nothing looks better than a flash of silver leaping from one hand to the other only to vanish before it reaches its destination.  If you’re going to perform coin magic, you’ve got several options to consider:

Half Dollars

JFK half dollars, Walking Libertys and Barber Half dollars are several types of coins you’ll find agreeable to your coin magic prestidigitation.  The JFK Silver Dollar is common and easy to find while the Walking Libertys and the Barber half dollars are a little more rare.  I prefer the Barber Half dollar when performing coin work with half dollars mainly because they have been worn with age and are silent when they slide together.  If I can’t work with the Barbers, then the Walking Libertys are my next choice.  You’ll pay a pretty penny for each of these coins but they are well worth the look in your coin magic.  Ofcourse, if cost is a driver, you can pick up the JFK half dollars.  You’ll pay more for the 1964 JFK half dollars as they are made with 90% silver while today’s half dollar is a Cupro-Nickel

Silver Dollars

The Eisenhower silver dollar is your next choice when you want to perform Three Fly or a Misers Dream.  The Ike’s are nice but my real preference is for the Morgan Silver Dollars.  My Morgans are over 100 years old and you’ll likely pay over $25 per coin.  But if you’re a coin magic dilettante, you’ll find the investment well worth the price.

So where do you find these coins?

One of my magic mentors, Ron Bauer, saved me a ton of time and money as I previously wasted hours visiting local banks for specific types of coins.  His tip can be summarized in two words – “junk silver”.

Just go to any coin dealer and ask for their junk silver.  They have buckets full of worn and used coins that are not collector grade materials.  You’ll find a lot of unique coins within a cache of junk silver.  I found several Walking Liberty coins and bought them for just a few bucks.  Now the price of silver has increased, so the prices may have increased.

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2 Responses to “Finding Morgan Silver Dollar Coins”

  1. Hi

    i hav a magic site in denmark and i like to buy Morgan Dollar and Walking Libertys.

    so i can sell that in denmark… but i cant find them… can som1 help me? :)

  2. i forgot to put my mail on it hehe…