Dollar Sized Japanese Coin Magic

I’ve been playing with a few of the coin magic moves from Ponta the Smith Sick DVD and noticed the large dollar sized Japanese coin he uses in his Spellbound presentation.  I found a few at SEO Magic and ordered both their dollar sized Old Japanese Coin and a few of their half dollar versions.  The dollar sized coin is perfect for spellbound changes and handles well in Kenner’s Hellbound Spellbound from Totally Out of Control

You can pick up your own sets at


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2 Responses to “Dollar Sized Japanese Coin Magic”

  1. I found this site with some chinese dollar size coins and they are way more cheap.

    I was wondering if this website is trustworthy

  2. I have a few of these coins and have ordered from Vanishing Magic several time. I find the Royal coins are lower in quality when compared to the coins. I own a few of both brands and my preference is the one in the post above.