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Dr Michael Rubinstein

New York Coin Magic Seminar Interview with Michael Rubinstein

I had the opportunity to chat with Michael Rubinstein regarding the latest Coin Magic Seminar and the release of Volumes 14,15 and 16. What prompted the theme of methods, performances and presentations for the last seminar? Knowing Bob Fitch’s focus on presentation and performance, how did adding him to the line up affect the types […]

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Radek Makar

Coin Magic Artist : Radek Makar

If you like coin magic, you gotta see Radek Makar’s work.  Radek has entertaining sleight of hand that is simply fun to watch. Better yet, Radek has recently shared a few of his creations with the Magic fraternity including: Eni-Where Into Thin Air – Hang on to your coins and learn a refreshing 3 coin […]

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Ponta the Smith Coin Magic

Ponta the Smith SICK Coin Magic Interview

If you haven’t seen Ponta the Smith’s coin video SICK, you’ve got to check it out. Ponta is an amazing coin magic trick sleight of hand artist.  He is from Osaka, Japan and interestingly enough derived his name Ponta the Smith from a several influences including Harry Potter.  Ponta sounds similar to Potter. Here is […]

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