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soft coins

How to Make Soft Coins

Don’t you hate it when you make the “move” and you hear the scraping of metal on metal or that dreaded coin click where it shouldn’t be? The usual answer is find junk silver that have smooth, worn finishes that allow coins to slide together soundlessly. Finding 4 coins that meet this criteria is easier […]

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Dr Michael Rubinstein

New York Coin Magic Seminar Interview with Michael Rubinstein

I had the opportunity to chat with Michael Rubinstein regarding the latest Coin Magic Seminar and the release of Volumes 14,15 and 16. What prompted the theme of methods, performances and presentations for the last seminar? Knowing Bob Fitch’s focus on presentation and performance, how did adding him to the line up affect the types […]

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coin magic triple threat alternative

Coin Magic – Triple Threat and 3CM Alternative

Let me start out by saying I want a Todd Lassen Triple Threat and a Jamie Schoolcraft 3CM. I just can’t justify the $450 price tag. I’ve got both volumes from Troy Hooser’s series – Destroyers and Momments and I’m looking forward to working through the coin magic material using a Triple Threat or 3CM […]

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Radek Makar

Coin Magic Artist : Radek Makar

If you like coin magic, you gotta see Radek Makar’s work.  Radek has entertaining sleight of hand that is simply fun to watch. Better yet, Radek has recently shared a few of his creations with the Magic fraternity including: Eni-Where Into Thin Air – Hang on to your coins and learn a refreshing 3 coin […]

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coin magic artifact coins

Artifact Coins R2

Have you seen the price of a single Morgan Silver dollar? A few years ago I paid about $25 per coin and of course I wanted to do 3 Fly, Coins Across and other variants so I ended up shelling out about $100 for 4 Morgan Silver Dollars.  That’s a lot of coin for a […]

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coin magic trick

What is your Coin Magic Trick “Worker”?

As a walk around performer or a causal entertainer, what is your go to coin magic trick? What is the one one single coin effect that you choose to perform for a live audience?  We’re not talking YouTube here folks…I want to know what is your single, must-perform ENTERTAINING gotta-show-a-coin-trick effect.  Magicians have a lot […]

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Coin Magic Trick

Dollar Sized Japanese Coin Magic

I’ve been playing with a few of the coin magic moves from Ponta the Smith Sick DVD and noticed the large dollar sized Japanese coin he uses in his Spellbound presentation.  I found a few at SEO Magic and ordered both their dollar sized Old Japanese Coin and a few of their half dollar versions. […]

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Coin Magic Trick - Flipper Coin

How to Repair a Flipper Coin

Magic meetings are filled with grabby hands eager to play with other magician’s props.  For this reason, I’ve always been hesitant to hand out any gimmicked coins to the performer who promises to handle the coin magic trick gimmick carefully.  A few years ago at the Columbus Magi-Fest convention, Troy Hooser had brought in a […]

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