New York Coin Magic Seminar Volume 14 Review

New York Coin Magic Seminar – Methods, Presentations and Performances

New York Coin Magic Seminar Volume 14

In a magic market wrought with one-trick DVDs, its refreshing to find products well worth the price and the variety of material.  The New York Coin Magic Seminar series continues to provide value and a variety of coin magic material that is well worth the package price for a single DVD or the combination set.

I was particularly looking forward to the latest release of the New York Coin Magic Seminar DVDs because of the seminar’s latest focus on performance and presentations.  Volume 14 provides 13 effects with 2 additional stand alone sleights featuring the work of Dr. Michael Rubenstein, Mike Gallo, David Roth, Jean Emmanual Franzis, Bill Citino, Bob Fitch and Doug Brewer.  Below is a briefy synopsis for the various effects taught.

Dr. Michael Rubenstein’s Coin Magic

I was consistently impressed at how much material was demonstrated and taught on a single DVD.  I’ll provide a summary of the effected below, but let me jump right to the reason I think you should buy this DVD – Dr. Rubenstein’s Twilight Zone Wild Coin presentation.

The Twilight Zone Wild Coin routine is based on an episode from Rod Sterling’s Twilight Zone series.  It has a lot of appeal because it starts out with a realistic premise, has a plot and an ending that makes sense.  The effect starts off by telling the story of an episode from the Twilight zone where the main character learns how to turn worthless copper pennies into gold.  Three copper coins turn one by one into gold coins and in typical Twilight Zone fashion there is a moral and ending that suits George Midas.

If you like Spellbound effects that make sense, this one is for you!  Dr. Rubenstein provides a coin change that can be performed without any funky balancing acts or 3rd digit dexterity that are found in other “knucklebuster” material.  Remember, the focus is on entertainment not your mad skills with the muscle pass.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan (alright downright jealous) of Ponta the Smith’s skill with coin sleighs, but Rubenstein’s approach makes everything achieveable for even the most finger palmed challenge.

Other signature effects from Dr. Rubenstein include:

Sliding Wild Coin and The Blank Coin Routine

The Sliding Wild Coin has less of a premise and more of a visual presentation with a
3 coin production followed by a 3 coin wild coin color change and a one-by-one coin vanish.  I liked the idea for strolling magic with a few coins at your disposal.

The Blank Coin Routine introduces pre-production coin blanks that have never been minted.  What follows is a minting process where copper, silver and chinese coins are minted from a matching set of templates. Ofcourse we all know this is an illusion as the coins turn back into the original 3 coin blanks.

I also like The Blank Coin Routine for the variety of changes as well as the concept of using coin blanks.  The origins of the effect are from Rubenstein’s Mass Hypnosis and David Roth’s own blank coin routine from Volume 8 of the New York Coin Magic Seminar.  Again the tecnhical approach is achievable with a moderate amount of practice.

…but after all you should invest the right amount of time to make your coin magic look good!

The only piece of the effect that I didn’t care for was the typical loading of coins in a spectators hand a la the “sponge ball turn-the-hand-over-move”. Its not that I don’t like the trick, I’ve just never been a fan of that “move”.

David Roth’s Coin Magic

David Roth demonstrated the Purse Frame Production and provided a crash course on the edge grip while providing many suggestions for effects that can be performed with the coins produced from the coin purse.  Coins Thru Table, Winged Silver, Hanged Coins are just a few ideas provided.  I always like the idea of producing coins and transitioning to another routine.  The challenge I see is justifying why magicians are the only ones who seem to still carry a coin purse.

Albeit, the coin purse frame provides some justification for inquiry.

Mr. Roth also demonstrates and teaches several approaches to Leipzig Coins In Glass.  I enjoyed learning the different types of coin folds including the method that didn’t even require a coin fold!  If you like coin magic classics, this is one to watch and appreciate.

Mike Gallo’s Coin Magic

I always enjoy Mike’s work with coins.  He’s sneaky with his sleights but it doesn’t look like he’s doing a sleight (that’s they way coin magic should look).  Mike demonstrates and teaches 3 effects – Triple Penetration, Coins Across and the O-Kort-O Coin box.

The Triple Penetration was a straight forward coin penetration where two coins penetrate the hand with the 3rd going through a spectator’s hand.  A good trick for those “show-me-a-trick” situations.

Coins Across features 3 American coins and 3 chinese coins that seem to have an affinity for each other as the 3 chinese coins jump across to join the other American coins.  Its a nice trick but if you are going to perform a coin effect using the affinity premise, I highly recommend Ron Bauer’s Gadabout Coins Revisited.

The O-Kort-O box is a rountine I always enjoy watching.  In a 3-Fly innundated magic world, its refreshing to see coin box magic based on Milt Kort’s work.  The multi-coin vanish in Mike’s routine looks great and he’s got a real solid ending to the trick.  You can reference Bobo’s for additional Okorto coin box work and I highly recommend The Magic of Milt Kort by Stephen Minch.

Additional Coin Magic Performers

The DVD is packed with additional performances and explanations that coin magicians will enjoy incorporating into their own repetoire.

Jean Emmanueal Franzis teaches a Silver and Chinese coin routine with a top hat.
Bob Fitch provides a practical approach to the Leipzig coin vanish followed by a demonstration ofa multiple coin click pass.  Bob’s segment was all technique so I look forward to seeing his presentation driven material on volume 15.

Doug Brewer features his Trident three coin effect on a close up mat and Bill Citino presented Its Just an Illusion.  You’ll appreciate Bill’s coin work that incorprates interesting premise of “Everyting you see really isn’t happening”.  Doug’s Trident was technincally nice to watch but it followed more of a method based show and tell trick than a presentation driven piece.  Maybe I’m just not a huge fan of performing stuff on close-up mats.

More Coin Magic in the Bonus Section

The Bonus section is another reason to buy this DVD.  Bob Fitch provides a lecture on body language, movement and space.  Dr. Rubenstein demonstrates several useful double face coin moves and their applications.  David Roth shares several unique coin gimmicks and Mike Gallo complete the bonus section with TWO more effects!

In Mike’s Five Dimes Better a silver piece turns into two quarters and then five dimes all ending completely clean.  It a visual transposition that reminds me of the Silver Certificate from Ammar’s Magic of Michael Ammar.  Mike provides another coins across effect that I thought was better than the one in the featured segment.

Buy the New York Coin Magic Seminar Series

It shouldn’t suprise you that I’m highly recommending this DVD and the entire series.
Although there was more method than theatrical presentation on this DVD, you’ll definitely enjoy the performances and the methods behind them.

Remember Twilight Zone Wild Coin is well worth the price of this single DVD.

The New York Coin Magic Seminar series is available for purchase at  You can order each year of the Coin Magic Seminar individually  or you can order the get the entire collection of 16 volumes.

The New York Coin Magic seminar series is an extensive coin magic collection with many “magic moments” that you’ll enjoy watching and performing.

I recommend you get the entire 16 volume series and save with the full Special Deal pricing.

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