Coin Magic Trick Review – Metal by Eric Jones

Last week I received Eric Jone’s latest DVD entitled – Metal by Eric Jones.

coin magic dvd video

Metal by Eric Jones

I was excited to dive into the product as I’ve been a fan of Eric’s material and our discussions on the Magic Cafe.  Metal is targeted towards the novice coin magician but it also has several ideas, effects and sleights for the advanced coin magician.  I’m in between those two classifications and I found several tips, tricks and lessons useful on the DVD.

What did I like?

The DVD is broken into 7 major sections:

  • Concealments & Productions
  • Vanishes
  • Utilities
  • Sleeving
  • Flourishes
  • Routines
  • Tips

Concealments and Productions

In the Concealments section, Eric provides an overview of multiple classic concealments and productions and introduces you to several others that aren’t as easily found in other magic literature.  Beginners will benefit from the finger plam, classic palm, thumb palm and basic sleights.  However, Eric goes into a lot of detail into other handlings such as the JW Grip, Gallo Production, Chris Korn’s production and the Mutobe palm.  I enjoyed learning more about the JW Grip and Metal demonstrates several applications of the sleight.  The Chris Korn production is another simple but entertaining production to perform!  I find it adds a little more presentation to the typical coin production.

(I’d be interested in hearing from others about their application of the JW Grip as like with any sleight, you need to keep the presentation moving otherwise, they audience only has one other hand to guess where the coin is hidden)


In the Vanishes section, Eric walks you through several useful vanishes using some of the sleights learned in the previous section.
He provides a lot of detail into both the elusive vanish and two versions of the retention pass.  I also like how Eric teaches the take vanish as one of the first vanishes to learn.  Taking is a lot easier than putting when you are first learning basic sleight of hand.

(We’ve all see way too many forced puts…but I’ll readily admit I was one of them 20 years ago)


The utilities section of the DVD covers 10 different utilities ranging from a different variant of the click pass, the jones switch and several wiped clean and hand washing sequences.  I first attempted to learn Ammar’s Wiped Clean in his Magic of Michael Ammar and I gotta admit translating it from text to action was difficult.  Eric succeeds in easily demonstrating two versions of hand washing for a convincing vanish.


The Sleeving section features 2 approaches to sleeving as well as a simple method to retrieve a sleeved coin.  The basics are taught in these two approaches although I was left wanting additional techniques and application.  I later applied one of the sleeving techniques in Metal’s Routines section.


The Flourishes section demonstrates several difficult flourishes including the 4 coin rolldown and the five coin star.  My only basic flourish is the standard 1 coin roll and Eric’s flourishes section provides a new challenge to work on.  The arm roll flourish is a cool bump to add to a routine and the five coin star is one heck of a balancing act. I thought it was great to see this material on video rather then in print as it helps to see the timing and the little tweaks to get the flourishes right.


The routines section incorporates several of the techniques taught on the DVD into 4 routines, a jumbo coin production and the bluff vanish.  Eric’s 4 coins across is a useful routine that works well in the hands and doesn’t necessarily require a table.  He introduces a simple 3 fly routine entitled “Simplex 3 Fly” that is quick and visually entertaining.  If you are a fan of the 3 Fly plot, you’ll enjoy learning this routine.  For those of you interested in jumbo coin productions, Eric provides a direct handling at the end of the 4-coins across routine.

(I’ll readily admit I’m not a huge fan of jumbo coin productions as a coin presentation should stand on its own and not require a kicker that doesn’t make much sense..but magic shops sell them and magicians like to produce them)

Out of all the material on the DVD, the routine I liked best was the Jones Spellbound.  If you want to learn a different spellbound routine that is different from Vernon’s Stars of Magic, then you’ll definitely appreciate the routine and handling.  Jones Spellbound is provides several changes from a half dollar to a Chinese coin that leaves the performer clean at the end (which is rare for the various spellbound routines in past publications).  I’ve been playing with the changes using a silver dollar and a silver dollar sized Chinese coin and the changes definitely visually pop.  After a few of the changes, I also applied the Jones Switch and the sleeving technique to end clean vs. the method taught on the DVD.   I also liked the different methods applied to the Spellbound changes!

What did I want more of?

Metal has a lot of footage and tutorials on fundamental coin magic.  The Routines section teaches you 4 routines using a collection of these sleights and then it is up to you to put them into your own application.  I’m a coin magic fan so I always like viewing and practicing different routines so I wanted more of them.  I’m hoping Eric will release Metal 2 with additional handling and presentations.  You won’t be disappointed in the routines but if you’re like me, you’ll want more of them!

In Summary

Metal is intended to be a reference guide for fundamentals in coin magic.  You’ll find a lot of practical sleights, utilities and routines that can be applied in both walk around and impromptu situations.  It serves as a foundation for coin magic fundamentals and also introduces some different techniques not easily found in other magic circles.  It is particularly useful to have a variety of concealments, vanishes, utilities, sleeving techniques, flourishes and sample routines all on one DVD for $34.95.  The DVD is also produced by Brad Christian and Ellusionist so you know the production value is good and easy to navigate.

I’m a fan of Metal so I recommend you purchase your copy too!

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15 Responses to “Coin Magic Trick Review – Metal by Eric Jones”

  1. I bought this DVD out of interest, looking for something I could recommend to students and use as the basis of a course and was not disappointed. It is excellent, in fact. I take your point about the fact that there are only four routines but at the same time, this DVD arms you with all the fundamentals and it’s really up to you then, if you want to take your magic up a level, to excersise imagination and experiment with different possible applications. that way, too, you avoid the danger of your work becoming merely an imitation of the work of others. In any case, this DVD is an excellent place to start.

  2. What do you think about the last phase in the Jones Spellbound?

    It is a neat change but it still looks like there is something going on.



  3. @ Drew.

    Of course there’s something going on for the last change. It’s all sleight of hand. I hope you pick the DVD up and enjoy it.

    BTW, thanks guys for the GREAT review of my latest project.

  4. I think Eric’s presentation of spellbound is beautifully worked. It’s quite grown up magic (we’re miles away from plastic thumb tips here!) and so we all know that ‘something is going on’ but the magic works just the same. If you’re trying to catch him or just happy to be amazed, it still works. The finest coin manipulators are those who can explain (as in this dvd) and still, when you watch, it blows you away. That’s a master at work.

  5. I definitely like it….it is a very different combination of moves than you typically see. As a coin guy, I love spellbound routines, the changes and quick transportations from one hand to the other. For an audience member, I don’t know if I’d put it in my set but rather reserve it for the magic guys.

    I liked the explanation of the JW Grip as well…but I digress as these are all discussions on mechanics…when the presentation style is what really matters.

    What’s your favorite go-to-coin magic effect that has a presentation?

  6. @Drew.

    Hands down my top 3 coin effects are, in order:

    1) Geoffrey Latta_A Trick With Three Coins
    2) Garrett Thomas_Big Coin, Little Purse
    3) Eric Jones_Impossible Coins Across

  7. Thanks Eric!

    Do you know where I can find a DVD or book of Geoff Latta to see/learn A Trick with Three Coins?



  8. Hi. The Geoff Latta 3 coins trick you can find on the LVMI Live Magic DVD complete with explanation. You can get it from the and other places. At $45 a shot I don’t know if you’d want to buy it just for that one trick, but it is packed full of other stuff. (Oh and in case you’re interested, I have no interest, financial or otherwise either in the product or the website I just mentioned). I don’t know about a book. I’ve never really learned borrowed routines much. I spend a lot of time experimenting and like to come up with my own stuff, but it’s a very improvisational style and not to everyone’s cup of tea.

  9. Correction: I learned almost everything I know from Slydini and Bobo. from that springboard, I improvise. :)

  10. You can also find Geoff Latta’s “A Trick With Three Coins” in volume one of the New York Coin Magic Seminar DVD series, a two disc set on coins across (along with over 27 other routines, and much bonus material!).

  11. my e mail had a typo, here is the corrected e mail, sorry

  12. @Drew. This is your site? I love it here and think that you keep a cool web environment with genuinely useful resources for coinists above all. Would you be interested in a link exchange? Check out my site linked to my name and contact me if you’d like. Sorry to do this through the comments box but I couldn’t find another way to contact you!


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