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Coin Magic Trick

Dollar Sized Japanese Coin Magic

I’ve been playing with a few of the coin magic moves from Ponta the Smith Sick DVD and noticed the large dollar sized Japanese coin he uses in his Spellbound presentation.  I found a few at SEO Magic and ordered both their dollar sized Old Japanese Coin and a few of their half dollar versions. […]

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3 pieces of sliver coin magic trick

Rune Klan Coin Magic on Magic Boy TV

As YouTube grows more and more magicians are publishing original content via their own YouTube channel. While surfing YouTube for several coin magic tricks, I came across Ben Hanlin’s video featuring Rune Klan and some of Rune’s coin magic.  The episode has several other clips of Rune’s work and its quite entertaining. If you like […]

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How REAL magicians practice sleight of hand

In the current market of One-Trick DVDs, it is easy to forget that a lot of great coin magic is still found in books.  Coin magicians often refer to Bobo’s, Kaufman’s Coin Magic, and Roth’s Expert Coin Magic books as great sources for coin magic.  Another useful source is Milt Kort’s The Magic of Milt […]

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coin magic books

Recommended Coin Magic Books and Videos

I’m working on compiling a list of must-have coin magic books and DVDs.  Instead of just providing a bibliography of books, DVDS or a list of magic products, I’d like  your opinion on WHY you recommend these texts. Of course if you have multiple recommendations, just indicate if it is a book or DVD in […]

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Coin Magic Trick - Flipper Coin

How to Repair a Flipper Coin

Magic meetings are filled with grabby hands eager to play with other magician’s props.  For this reason, I’ve always been hesitant to hand out any gimmicked coins to the performer who promises to handle the coin magic trick gimmick carefully.  A few years ago at the Columbus Magi-Fest convention, Troy Hooser had brought in a […]

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