The Eric LeCleric Show Project 365

Imagine the amount of creative magic juice needed to produce a magic show for 365 days? In 2011, Eric produced 1 magic video clip each day for 365 days!  Talk about commitment to a project! Here is one coin magic trick video: You can watch his channel at:

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The US Magician Salary and Income Survey

Magician Salary Update   Thanks for the contributions. The survey is now closed and I’ve compiled the results. Get your copy of the Professional Magician Salary and Income Survey. Original Post In the corporate world, websites like or provide salary ranges by profession and location. For our magic market, there isn’t an index [...]

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soft coins

How to Make Soft Coins

Don’t you hate it when you make the “move” and you hear the scraping of metal on metal or that dreaded coin click where it shouldn’t be? The usual answer is find junk silver that have smooth, worn finishes that allow coins to slide together soundlessly. Finding 4 coins that meet this criteria is easier [...]

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Bobo Coin Vanish

The Bobo Coin Vanish

Dennis provides a demonstration of the Bobo Coin Vanish

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Tunnel Vanish

The Tunnel Vanish is a deceptive vanish as the coin is seen entering the fist only to disappear seconds later

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Bobo Coin Magic Simple Coin Vansih

Simple Coin Vanish

The Simple Coin Vanish is the standard classic palm vanish that has been used for years.  The key learning point is to avoid smacking your hand into your palm, but simply toss the coin into the awaiting hand while retaining it in classic palm.  In practicing the Simple Coin Vanish, practice actually placing the coin [...]

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Coin Production Two Cards Bobo Coin Magic

Coin Production from Two Cards

The Effect: The magician shows 2 playing cards on the font and back.  After placing the cards together, the magician tips them downwards and a coin appears between them. Performer: Dennis

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Learn Coin Magic Trick – Heads or Tails

Marion Boykin and I have been exchanging ideas on coin magic for the past few months and he graciously agreed to let me publish his application of the 10 Switch to his coin magic trick called Heads or Tails.  The Heads or Tails effect is a nifty copper silver transposition that will give your Goshman [...]

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